Jackson State Alumni Launch $5 Million Capital Campaign

Graduates of Jackson State University will work to raise $5 million in two years to support student scholarships, academic development and support for auxiliary initiatives like the JSU Sonic Boom of the South.

Alumni officials announced the ambitious campaign earlier this month, a response to a challenge from university president William Bynum after the successful $1 million ‘Millions of Eyes on Excellence’ fundraising campaign which concluded in June.

“It’s really important for our alumni to give to THEE institution that has given so much to us. As first vice president of JSUNAA, it is my hope that all alumni value the importance of investing in the future of JSU by donating to the Millions of Eyes on Excellence Fundraising Campaign.”

JSUNAA First Vice President and Campaign Co-Chair Tarita Benson-Davis

School officials also hope the campaign will boost the university’s alumni participation rate (APR) from 3.8% to 10% by June 2019.

“We can accomplish this by making monthly contributions to JSU. In this way, we will display consistency and loyalty in giving and demonstrate to corporate America that JSU alumni are unequivocally vested in the future of Jackson State University.”

JSU Assistant Vice President, Institutional Advancement and External Affairs Gwen Caples