LOOK: Rep. Alma Adams Endorses Nancy Pelosi For House Leadership

HBCU alumna and co-founder of the bipartisan federal HBCU Caucus Rep. Alma Adams has endorsed House of Representatives Minority Leader and Speaker candidate Rep. Nancy Pelosi for leadership of the transitioning legislative branch.

In a tweet, Adams endorses Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn, a South Carolina State University graduate, for continuing leadership of the majority caucus.

Alma S. Adams on Twitter

As the founder and co-chair of the HBCU Caucus, I am proud to announce my support of @NancyPelosi @WhipHoyer and @Clyburn in their respective leadership bids. I applaud their commitment to our schools and our students. #HBCUStrong

Dr. Adams’ endorsement comes as divergent views on the future leadership of the House continue to grow, with speculation that HBCU Caucus member Marcia Fudge (D-OH) could be seeking the leadership position.

Manu Raju on Twitter

Marcia Fudge spitting fire at Pelosi tonight. “But she didn’t do this by herself. She also was the person who over the last eight years, lost seats. It’s one thing to give people credit for winning if you also make them responsible for losing.” per @elizlanders https://t.co/NvihIbZeus