Morehouse Alumni Power Randall Woodfin to Birmingham Mayoral Victory

Strategists, donors, well-wishers and social media advocates helped to propel Morehouse College alumnus Randall Woodfin to a stunning victory to become Birmingham’s youngest mayor since 1893. But the machine behind his victory was activated by fellow Morehouse Men. From an profile.

How Morehouse College alumni powered Randall Woodfin’s campaign for Birmingham mayor

Randall Woodfin’s meteoric rise to Birmingham’s top elected office was powered by the alumni of his alma mater. The strong, close-knit network of alumni of Atlanta’s Morehouse College, and some of the same men who got Woodfin elected student government president there 15 years ago, donated their money and their time to help their brother accomplish his dream of becoming Birmingham mayor.

Morehouse alumni from Washington, D.C.-based Pine Street Strategies served as his political strategists. Former classmates who live in Houston, St. Louis and D.C. hosted campaign fundraisers. Other alumni from as far away as Los Angeles and Philadelphia donated to his campaign.

“One brother calls another brother,” said Woodfin’s former classmate Jarrod Loadholt, an attorney who works for Pine Street Strategies. They help whether a brother is running for political office or seeking a new job. “For black men there is no network like that,” he said.