The Greatest Show of Angry White Pettiness in the History of the World

A Donald Trump presidency is the curse that will keep on cursing.

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

A Donald Trump presidency is the curse that will keep on cursing.

There are many theories: backlash against Barack Obama, distrust of Hillary Clinton, emails and the FBI. But in truth, Donald Trump is the greatest petty meme the world has ever seen, posted courtesy of America’s angry white demographic.

Donald Trump lies. All the time.
It takes a certain kind of stubbornness to lie about things that are easy to verify. Donald Trump does it all the time…

No one voted for Trump because he is prepared or fit to lead the free world. Some people voted for him as a formal protest of broken partisan politics. Most people voted for him because he the living antithesis of political correctness and white privilege as exercised through fake affluence, real-life bullying, and a legitimate lack of cultural or political insight.

But everyone who voted for Donald Trump did so simply because they could, which in itself, is the worst kind of approach to democracy. For the first time in American history, the world will look at the country as a political joke, a farce of the ideals of excess, intemperance, intolerance and arrogance for which it was generally mocked worldwide, but now, shows that same world that most of our citizens fully want to wrap ourselves in that repugnant identity.

Stop Shaming Trump Supporters
It turns out that shaming the supporters of Donald J. Trump is not a good political strategy. Though job loss and…

Half of the nation wanted to break Washington apart and put it haphazardly back together with a ringmaster who has political views, but zero insight or nuance to make even his Republican-controlled Congress sure of his short or long-term viability. To them, that was the strongest approach possible to fixing what ills Washington; cultural values that gridlock policy making.

And so deplorables, non-college degree holding men, white women and a few other people got together and stuck it to the establishment. Except, when policy meets the pocketbook, the same policies which have ravaged states like Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama will have national impact in cities and states throughout the union. No one will be able to get abortions, everyone will be able to get guns, and healthcare will be memorialized in the Obama exhibit at the African American History museum, but real policy to help wide sections of people outside of the Wall Street universe will be few and far between.

But this is what we wanted. Pettiness reigns supreme. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into anarchy.