The Most-Read Stories of 2016 From the HBCU Digest

Ya’ll did it.

Ya’ll did it.

In the last two weeks, dozens of people have signed up for monthly subscriptions to the HBCU Digest, generously and graciously agreeing to become stakeholders in its growth. As a result, this publication is well on its way towards amazing things in the new year, with the return of our daily podcast show an other digital media productions centered around HBCUs. Thank you all for your support.

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But with 2017 just hours away, it’s time to look back at a extraordinary year for historically black colleges and universities, and to look ahead at some of the trends which may impact these schools in the year to come. Here are the most read stories on the Digest from 2016, and for our members, be on the lookout for the annual DIGEST 50 list, of the 50 most intriguing HBCU moments from the year.

20. Rick Gallot named Grambling State University President.

The Son of Grambling vs. Grambling State University
How Rick Gallot’s presidential appointment will shape the final fight for Grambling’s

19. Hiring practices in focus at Grambling State.

How Are Folks Getting These Jobs at Grambling?
Credentials, experience center of attention for Tiger

18. Why Gwendolyn Boyd had to leave Alabama State University.

Five Reasons Why the Alabama State Board Was Right to Fire Gwendolyn Boyd
Even when wrong, an HBCU board is always

17. The end of the Elmira Mangum saga at Florida A&M.

Elmira Mangum Steps Down as FAMU President
Larry Robinson named interim for third

16. NCCU gets #SaundersStrong.

North Carolina Central Chancellor Announces Leave of Absence to Kick Cancer’s Ass
Debra Saunders-White will be right back, but heads out with the backing of the national HBCU

15. Crystal A. deGregory, PhD breaks down the ties between Colin Kaepernick, Beyoncé and HBCUs.

Ever Wondered Why HBCUs “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing?”
What Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling, Beyoncé’s Formation, and the Black National Anthem have in

14. Can HBCUs survive the departure of a legendary president?

What Happens When Hero Presidents Leave HBCUs?
When institutional destiny is tied to one man or one woman, will campuses be able to adjust to a new direction?

13. Saying goodbye to Debra Saunders-White.

North Carolina Central Chancellor Debra Saunders-White Dies
Her greatest legacy? A job well done

12. Dr. John M. Lee, Jr offers a solution on how to end HBCU money games.

How to End HBCU Football Dependence on Money Games
The most important thing is fans being

11. Howard alumna Carla Hall says black cookbooks matter.

Howard’s Carla Hall Sets the Cookbook Industry Straight
It’s only alienating white people when it’s all about black

10. A new coalition of PWIs seeks to corner the market on low-income, minority students. What are the implications for HBCUs?

More Than 30 Top PWIs Just Joined Forces to Recruit Students Away from HBCUs
The HBCU mission is now the American higher education mission, and we’re still not paying attention to how things are…

9. Crystal A. deGregory, PhD takes on black respectability at HBCUs.

Nate Parker, Bill Cosby and R. Kelly are What’s Wrong with Black Colleges
Toxic black respectability is ruining our institutions — and

8. Carolyn Meyers resigns as Jackson State University president.

Jackson State President Carolyn Meyers Announces Resignation
Finance controversy ends five year tenure of expansion,

7. Enrollment on the rise at historically black colleges.

HBCUs With Enrollment Increases
A list of black colleges welcoming record-breaking classes to campus this

6. Talladega to perform in Donald Trump inaugural parade. Let the HBCU shade commence.

How Will HBCUs Look if Talladega Performs in Donald Trump’s Inaugural Parade?
Two years ago, Talladega College’s Marching Tornado Band made headlines for its first invitation to the annual Honda…

5. Bennett College President Rosalind Fuse-Hall resigns.

Bennett President to Resign
Rosalind Fuse-Hall is the latest executive casualty of an industry in danger and a culture in

4. How did all of these Kappas get in here?

Is Kappa Alpha Psi Taking Over HBCU Leadership?
Because social media says ‘yes.’

3. A treatment of black priorities and the Olympics, from Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

Why I’m Not Watching The Olympic Games
Or at least, like I used

2. John Rudley snaps on Black Twitter, drops revelations on internal politics and the move to close the school.

Former Texas Southern President Drops Epic HBCU Twitter Rant
Alleges internal politics led to

1. Gwendolyn Boyd suspended by Alabama State University.

Now Gwendolyn Boyd is Out at Alabama State? How Many Presidents Can HBCUs Fire in a Year?
Old pettiness dies hard in southern HBCU