Tuskegee Wins First NCAA Playoff Game

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Courtesy: Tuskegee University Sports Information[/caption]

Tuskegee University captured its first NCAA tournament playoff victory yesterday with a 26–16 win over Catawba in Salisbury, NC.

The Tigers took a 14–0 lead in the first quarter and never trailed in the first-round tournament matchup, their third playoff appearance in as many years. From TU Sports Information:

Senior Dennis Norfleet finished with 102 yards on 18 carries, leading the rushing attack that gained 171 yards on the day. Hawkins finished with three catches for 67 yards, while Norfleet had a pair of catches (32 yards) and Devozea Gaines had a pair of catches (24 yards).

The Tigers will face the University of North Alabama next week in Florence, Al. in the round of 16.